top-notch, free, family-friendly, inspirational fun

We at The World’s Tallest Glass Tree are dedicated to bringing top-notch, free, family-friendly, inspirational fun to the community through the attraction of large-scale glass art and interactive events. While bringing the community together, we build awareness and raise funds to support multiple local charities. These connections develop lasting relationships that encourage continual community involvement for generations.

A portion of proceeds from the nine-day event are donated to help charitable organizations and schools of Greater Walworth County.

These organizations include, but are not limited to:

  • Williams Bay Lionesses Club
  • Williams Bay Lions Club
  • Geneva Lake Museum
  • Williams Bay School
  • Fontana J8
  • Rock Central
  • Inspiration Ministries
  • GLAS and Steam
  • The Treehouse
  • Scholarships
  • Mack glass Community

Who We Are

Rob Elliott and Jason Mack have been friends for over 25 years and have a powerful synergy when working together. Their friendship stemmed in 8th grade over the idea of creating a hang out spot in Jason’s parents’ basement. The hangout eventually turned into the first glass studio, they have been transforming spaces ever since. Rob and Jason are each fathers and husbands. They also individually own successful businesses outside of the World’s Tallest Glass Tree Event. Since 2007 Rob and Jason have been creating large community-based events centered around live act of building hot glass sculptures. There is no limit to what they are capable of when they put their minds together.

We are community members

Rob, Sarah, and their family live full-time in Williams Bay and are active members of the community. Jason’s studio is currently located in central Illinois. In 2022, Jason started working with local schools in Walworth County to create community glass programs. Jason intends to move the Mack Glass Studio here soon.

We are creatives

We love having fun and creating public art, community events, and fundraisers. We look forward to working together.

Jason Mack

Partner/Glass Artist

Jason Mack Glass creates one-of-a-kind public art installations. Mack and his team create monumental hot glass sculptures using a custom-built mobile glass furnace capable of melting 300 lbs of recycled glass per day. Mack says, “The goal of the World’s Tallest Glass Tree project is to bring the community together to help build something truly special. I love the sense of joy and excitement people express as they watch the tree grow and take shape using their own recycled bottle glass. I also want to draw attention to the fact that glass is endlessly recyclable and far too often goes to the landfill due to the lack of local infrastructure. My ultimate goal is to build a glass forest that operates all year round.”

Rob Elliott


Rob’s high energy and creative approach help create successful events and unique custom projects. As an entrepreneur running multiple businesses, Rob’s personality, organizational skills, pragmatic approach, and positive energy translate into each of the events he produces. His childlike imagination and high standards truly stand out when working with him. “I love bringing people together and hope to create a spark of inspiration in each guest.”

Sarah Elliott


Sarah’s artistic approach and style create a curated atmosphere that warms the soul of each guest, from working with each Winter Market vendor to creating hand-lettered signage and designing merchandise. Her carefree yet curated approach to event production is genuinely admirable. Sarah has worked closely with Rob and Jason for over 15 years.

Vision Statement

Starting with The World’s Tallest Glass Tree we intend to build an entire Glass Forest using donated glass bottles from the community. The forest will be a gathering space for community members and traveling guests alike, creating a destination of the arts. The Glass Forest will be comprised of hundreds of glass sculptures and trees of all shapes and sizes. With proceeds from The World’s Tallest Glass Tree, we hope to build a full glass production facility capable of offering classes and special events.

Mission Statement

The World’s Tallest Glass Tree at Yerkes Observatory is a free public event. We strive to bring the community together to celebrate artists, creators, trades people, and sciences. Our goal is to provide a welcoming, inspirational event for all people to enjoy during the holidays. Through these partnerships, we will build awareness and educate each other on how best to support the future of our community. To create a holiday tradition for generations to come.